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May 2018

I have really enjoyed this app up until this month. I was having issues with it crashing. The developer was quick to respond and the solution they offered corrected the issue. I have adjusted my rating accordingly. Thank you.

Great App but...

They need to change the color option so that wind speed background is legible in the darker shades. When the jet stream at 12K meters is displayed in a dark purple, the wind speed numbers are black and practically invisible. I posted this a while back, and they fixed it to show numbers in white on dark background. Great Job!

Florida Hurricanes

This app gives reliable hurricane predictions. Over the years I have noticed that TV predictions are modified to produce fear in populated areas in an effort to raise awareness and preparedness. With Ventusky, you get more accurate predictions. I have lived in Florida 25 years.

Great App!

5/13/18. The developer has corrected the problem. I always loved the app and now I can use it without issues! 12/2/17 update. Going from 4 to 2 stars. The developer hasn’t fixed the disappearing bug I reported. I can only view the map for a few seconds before it disappears. It becomes totally useless at that point. I’ll definitely change my review if this problem gets corrected. ———————- Love the Web app (found it in the UK Mail coverage of the Irma and Maria hurricanes) and I was hooked. The iOS app is a great start. Two problems I have are that: . The app doesn’t remember the prior setting. . The map disappears when I change settings. Apologies if these have already been reported. Thanks and looking forward to more features. Chuck

Crashing(not anymore)

Keeps crashing on iphone x. Not able to use this app for months now. And its a paid app. Fix please. Update: Reinstalled. Fixed the issue. Thank you


It would very helpful for aviators to know cloud ceilings and layer in addition to the percentage of coverage that you already provide.

Love it

Came from “myradar” after that went downhill. Found the website, which is awesome, that led me here.

App is crashing

The app is crashing as soon as it opens, both on iPhone and iPad.

Impressive how quickly my issue was address

I had a problem with the app not working after upgrading to to IOS 11.3. The developer addressed it immediately. Thanks!

App Crush

Pls update this version. Crush in iPhone 7 Plus iOS 11.3

Newest update

With newest update Not working no wind speed or arrows just blank screen Update Uninstalled app and reinstalled as requested by developer not works great Thanks

Well done!

A visual presentation of weather patterns, in several formats, from several models. I enjoy the application quite thoroughly.

Almost Perfect

It seems to be a little difficult to predict rain and weather related to storms, but it still does it. Amazing app!


On days when you have to decide whether or not it’s even smart to try to get to work, knowing the near real-time local accumulations along your route is invaluable. This is the best app I’ve seen so far for doing that.

Best weather app!

I’ve used the website for a couple years and finally got the app for my phone! This has been more accurate than any other weather apps out there! Love it! Great interface & the info is pretty darn close to what my weather stations indicate. I use this for wind speeds when traveling, planning a fishing trip! Very dependable!!

New Update 3/19/18–Crashes out the gate

Nope... try again. Can not even open the app—/crashes immediately. iPhone 8+

Sailors Dream Ap

As a life long sailor I find myself not only informed but entertained by this app. The maps are not only easy to interpret they are beautiful ! Thanks so much!!!! Weather junkie Leaves happy!!! Best Hillary

Love this app

This is a wonderful app, gives you all the weather you need anywhere on the planet real time.


Forecast data seems ok but current conditions off, sometimes way off. No sun and moon data—fields are blank.

The best detailed weather app out there

Ventusky has to be the best detailed weather app available today. Reliable forecasts and easy to use graphical display has been proven accurate time after time


This app was recommended by a friend who is a meteorologist. It is awesome! That is all.

So bad

I want to get my money

Incredibly valuable

As a private pilot, I love this app. It gives an incredibly valuable overview of how the air is moving, and how it’s expected to change. The visual display gives you an intuitive sense that’s hard to get any other way. It also shows details, like patches of winds you might not anticipate from a Surface Analysis, METARs, TAFs, or winds aloft. Other layers like temps, air pressure, Thunderstorms and freezing levels also help build your understanding of the day’s conditions. And it’s fun to look at big picture stuff all around the world. Two minor complaints: Value numbers can be impossible to read against dark colored areas like storms, and don’t increase in size when you zoom in. Wind streak lines are a bit short. I’d like to see more custom display settings like on the web version.

Really cool app

I came across this by accident and LOVE it. Really cool during hurricane season

Legends Needed

Similar to the web version, it would be quite nice to display a legend for the colors. Also very nice would be to add more detail elements to the base layer (e.g. roads, more cities). Thank you for a very useful ap.

Mesmerizing Visuals

I watched the 2017 hurricane season on Ventusky as my go to for info. Worth buying.

Tried Many Weather Apps...

None even come close to this app, it’s the best by far. Only wish the cloud layer/imagery was higher resolution - should be an easy improvement to make.

best weather map on the web

the info here is amazing. used it daily in meteorology class- see fronts, high/low patterns, hurricanes develop, coriolis trends, the works. AND it’s beautiful!!

Great App!

If you want a weather App with world wide wind, ocean waves and other weather related events on a global scale, this is it. A very intuitive, and user friendly app that is not full of pesky ads. I use this several times a day and always marvel at the wind and wave illustrations. I love this app!


Please keep improving the already great app and never go to ads!

Web site

Web site is better then the app. More accurate, zoom in and out buttons, easier to use.

Best weather app.

This is my new best weather app. Gives snow depth and temps for the whole area

Best weather visualizer

Occasional freezes easily restarts. First class in every other way.

Actually 5 star app....

...but still buggy. Looses map and you have to reinstall. Developers very communicative. Just hope they fix sometime soon. Invaluable for drone flying.

Highly useful, esp. if you understand CW & CCW winds

Esp. if you understand CW & CCW winds

Use a different forecast model

The GFS model is never accurate. No matter how far out you look at the forecast for this weather model.

So much better than the website!

I am a loyal user of the website, which I use for sailing. Ventusky puts it all in one place: wind, gusts, thunderstorms, and waves. And the app makes it even better and faster. Excellent work!

Easy to use.

Accurate stats that are current. Easy to understand. Travel full time with an RV. Wouldn’t be without Ventusky. Bless you!

Best dam live weather map

Hands down this is the best live weather map in the planet. No one even comes close. Not even the news channels. 10stars great work guys,

Great app for fisherman

Great little app with every measure I need as a North Texas Angler. Great to actually see the animation to hit home.

Help us snow machine riders

I have used your web site for snowmachine (yes it’s snowmachine not snowmobile in Alaska) info for years. (Cloud cover and precipitation amount for visibility) it has been very helpful as cloud cover can vary from one mountain pass to the one next door. The problem is it’s hard to judge which pass your looking at with the blank background. If you could add a satellite overlay (or underlay maybe?) that would be amazing and make this the #1 weather app I believe. Maybe add a simple forecast page also for those who don’t want to spend the time.

App fails

App will go blank-white screen upon changing parameters such as wind speed and air pressure.

Fun to watch

I initially had difficulty with this app because the server was down, but later it works fine. Really fun to watch fronts come through!

Great app, needs improvement

I depend on this app daily for work on a golf course. Seems to have many glitches and bugs because it crashes often. Please fix!

Love the website

The app crashes on an iPhone 7 11.1.1. Crashes right away when I allowed location use. Wouldn’t start back up. Deleted, reinstalled and didn’t allow location and it seemed to work. I added a location favorite and it crashes and will not start again. Ugh.


Add a forecast and make the map more accurate. Say what the feels like is. The temp on map is not the same as it says. Make it sure on sun and moon it can be normal time.

Great info!

Love it

*Updated* Good Start

So far so good. The updates for the initial bugs have really helped. Look forward to the possibility of landscape mode on iPhone. Biggest downfall right now and what keeps me going back to the website instead of the app is there's no wave information in the app. My job is on the water so that's a significant loss in my book. Look forward to seeing that as an addition. *As the developer said in their response to my original review, it would take a bit, but they came through as promised and the wave height has been added with all the other features they've put in so far. It works great! And now information I need daily for work is quickly and easily accessible and I can even get updates while out on the boat if needed as long as we are near shore and get cell service. The app is much smoother to operate on-the-go over the website (not criticizing the website, merely thinking of ease of use on a smartphone) and now has all the features for forecasting a day or several working out on the water. Thank you!*

Nice app!

I'm a meteorologist who works in renewable energy in the US. First I'd like to say great app! A few improvements: A real-time observation mode showing data from ASOS stations around the globe (airports) allowing the user to examine the data and compare to model predictions for the current time. Options for height level (for example the geopotential height of the 500 mb pressure level) along with a comparison to climatology (500 mb height anomaly). Thickness levels (1000-500 mb, 1000-850 mb, 850-700mb). Allow user to keep imperial units for surface data and metric for upper air data if they choose. A graphical model compare tool where I can look at meteograms for a point on the map and toggle between models. Perhaps the addition of the GFS ensemble model along with spaghetti plots for visualizing the mean, control and the members for various parameters like 850 mb temperature. Overall excellent app and I like the presentation.

Great app!!

Great app for pilots too. Help / tutorial is on website and should be included in the app. Would also be great if it could work offline for in-flight access...... at least recalling last viewed information. Just a suggestion.

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