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Help us snow machine riders

I have used your web site for snowmachine (yes it’s snowmachine not snowmobile in Alaska) info for years. (Cloud cover and precipitation amount for visibility) it has been very helpful as cloud cover can vary from one mountain pass to the one next door. The problem is it’s hard to judge which pass your looking at with the blank background. If you could add a satellite overlay (or underlay maybe?) that would be amazing and make this the #1 weather app I believe. Maybe add a simple forecast page also for those who don’t want to spend the time.

App fails

App will go blank-white screen upon changing parameters such as wind speed and air pressure.

Fun to watch

I initially had difficulty with this app because the server was down, but later it works fine. Really fun to watch fronts come through!

Great app, needs improvement

I depend on this app daily for work on a golf course. Seems to have many glitches and bugs because it crashes often. Please fix!

Love the website

The app crashes on an iPhone 7 11.1.1. Crashes right away when I allowed location use. Wouldn’t start back up. Deleted, reinstalled and didn’t allow location and it seemed to work. I added a location favorite and it crashes and will not start again. Ugh.


Add a forecast and make the map more accurate. Say what the feels like is. The temp on map is not the same as it says. Make it sure on sun and moon it can be normal time.

Great info!

Love it

*Updated* Good Start

So far so good. The updates for the initial bugs have really helped. Look forward to the possibility of landscape mode on iPhone. Biggest downfall right now and what keeps me going back to the website instead of the app is there's no wave information in the app. My job is on the water so that's a significant loss in my book. Look forward to seeing that as an addition. *As the developer said in their response to my original review, it would take a bit, but they came through as promised and the wave height has been added with all the other features they've put in so far. It works great! And now information I need daily for work is quickly and easily accessible and I can even get updates while out on the boat if needed as long as we are near shore and get cell service. The app is much smoother to operate on-the-go over the website (not criticizing the website, merely thinking of ease of use on a smartphone) and now has all the features for forecasting a day or several working out on the water. Thank you!*

Nice app!

I'm a meteorologist who works in renewable energy in the US. First I'd like to say great app! A few improvements: A real-time observation mode showing data from ASOS stations around the globe (airports) allowing the user to examine the data and compare to model predictions for the current time. Options for height level (for example the geopotential height of the 500 mb pressure level) along with a comparison to climatology (500 mb height anomaly). Thickness levels (1000-500 mb, 1000-850 mb, 850-700mb). Allow user to keep imperial units for surface data and metric for upper air data if they choose. A graphical model compare tool where I can look at meteograms for a point on the map and toggle between models. Perhaps the addition of the GFS ensemble model along with spaghetti plots for visualizing the mean, control and the members for various parameters like 850 mb temperature. Overall excellent app and I like the presentation.

Great app!!

Great app for pilots too. Help / tutorial is on website and should be included in the app. Would also be great if it could work offline for in-flight access...... at least recalling last viewed information. Just a suggestion.

Great App, Some Small Problems

Love the Web app (found it in the UK Mail coverage of the Irma and Maria hurricanes) and I was hooked. The iOS app is a great start. Two problems I have are that: . The app doesn’t remember the prior setting. . The map disappears when I change settings. Apologies if these have already been reported. Thanks and looking forward to more features. Chuck


Been using the Ventusky web site for a while now, and love to look at the weather patterns that are so beautifully rendered there. I was happy to see that there is now an app for iPhone. This is THE weather app for accurate, richly rendered weather maps. I also love that I can touch my location and this opens a menu where I can see animations of the sun- and moonrise. This is now my go-to weather app!

Color Gauge?

I like the app. I wish it had the color gauge to show you what the colors mean.

Love this app and the website!

I used the Ventusky website to track recent hurricanes. It was much more accurate than the Weather Channel without all the annoying drama and ads. This app and the website are beautiful and meditative data visualizations. Both provide a whole-earth view of the weather with fascinating comparative detail. Very glad I purchased the app. A few minor things for developers: 1) please provide a key to color in the app. 2) please provide either in-app explanations of weather terms or a link to a site with the definitions. 3) a week and/or month view with symbols would be nice. 4) default to US measurement based on location would be nice. Thanks for the great app & website! Fantastic work!

So far ok

I’m sure it’ll get better.

Excellent Customer Service

I had a problem with the app not opening. I contacted customer service and they kept in constant contact with me until the problem was fixed. The app works perfectly. Customer service is fantastic! Great job and great app. Thank you!

A fun weather app that lets you see the big picture.

If you are familiar with website, this is a more iOS friendly presentation that performs much better on my iPad. If you aren’t familiar with the website, go give it a try so you know what it is, and then come back and buy the app. Only real improvements would be to have tide and wave height information (and sunrise/set and moon phase info in the weather bar if you want to go all out). [Edit: Accidentally found the screen with detailed sun and moon data, so it was there, I just didn’t realize how to get to it—upgraded rating to 5 stars]

Needs wave height

Would be absolutely perfect if you guys added the wave height feature. Interface is super intuitive

So much better than the website!

I am a loyal user of the website, which I use for sailing. Ventusky puts it all in one place: wind, gusts, thunderstorms, and waves. And the app makes it even better and faster. Excellent work! Note it might be worthwhile to let the user change the model in use from the main screen, without having to go into settings.

Upon initial availability, downloaded but NOT opening.

Please fix. Love your site. ***UPDATE***Works great now. Excellent job, guys! Thank you for your great customer service David, I appreciate it!

Missing swell height and animation for direction.

To rate 5 stars it must have wave heights. Otherwise an outstanding app for planning a passage!!


No wave heights... that's what bought the app for.. but solid MVP, waiting for wave upgrade.

App won't open - please fix

I just purchased the app, and it will not open. I've tried deleting and reloading, but still will not open. Please fix!!!! I just updated the app, and still will not open. I am running iOS 10.3.3 on my iPad. Losing patience...

Give me a break!

This Mac app is pitiful compared to the one they show on the web site. Give Mac users the cool functionality and display you advertise.


This app is going to be Top 5 after a few more updates.!!

Just downloaded was my rock during Hurricane Irma! But as a Floridian, I especially need the WAVE feature! Please?! Other then that, the app seems great!

Missing features and high quality animations

Great app, with some polishing can easily be best weather app. Needs higher quality wind vector animations. I am on iPad Pro 2nd generation and the site runs on well on this iPad with high quality smooth wind tracers. In the app the wind tracers are not smooth but polygonny. Also the app can use a feature where you tap on a point and it tells you, for example, the exact value for the wind speed at that point. As others have pointed out there the animation option is missing.

Promising, small bugs.

I have great hopes for this. Seems like the next update should fix settings not being saved, so the only issue I have is that the outline of countries on the map isn’t lined up to the filled-in country, and I’m not sure which is correct. Hope that makes it in the update!

Legends Needed

Similar to the web version, it would be quite nice to display a legend for the colors.

This has foundation of a great app

I'm sure this app will be tweaked as time goes by to take care of the small nuances. The basic framework is great. I can't seem to be able to figure out how to animate a timeline on either the iPad or iPhone app, a customizable cycle or loop would be great, but I'm sure it must be able to animate somehow that I just haven't found. For the future some Lat/Lon lines would be helpful as an overlay as would nhc forecast points.

Update needed

App does not have all the features that the website has. In particular swell height and period. Also, every time you close the app the setting reset back to default. Not a huge deal.... but annoying to have to reset to your preferred settings.

5 Star - but needs work

Great app. This app will be one of my favorites once the developers polish it. Will be nice to see landscape orientation!

Map issues

Love this app. Great potential. I can see issues with the map. The "dotted lines" which outlines the countries are offset with the background colored map. You can see this when are moving the map around. Hope this is fixed soon. Thanks.


Keep up the good work. Now my goto weather app.

Needs work

Just downloaded and app has some great potential, I'm really looking forward to the future of this app. First, height unit will not allow to changes from M to FT. Second, when I change the settings to my preferences and the the app gets force closed or I close it it will revert back to all original settings. Third, needs landscape mode to make it slightly more user friendly for those that prefer that option. Finally I think a weekly weather outlook for the gps location selected would be a nice addition as well. Hope you fix the crashes and allow to save settings soon. Thank you for taking time to read my comments. I will update my rating as time goes on

Does all I ask for

No crashes from my end. I get my models, can adjust to standard or metric units, and all functions I've explored work well. Iphone 7.

It's a new app

Cut the developers some slack they're indeed working to fix the app. Major fix from v1.0. Thanks for your help looking forward to seeing the next update.

Keeps crashing!!

Bought the app I was expecting the app to be was better just like the actual web page , I was wrong I barley start up the app and instantly crashes please fix guys!!


10/10 I loved the website and the app is even better.

Bug in Setting Height To Feet

Ok, though some bugs. Limited functionality and it would be better if had better forecasting.

Not a good as the website

I love the website, but the app is not as good. There are some issues the developers need to fix. In settings I can't change the units for height above the ground to "ft". When I try to scroll down to wind animation the app crashes. None of the setting changes I can be saved so it keep coming up with the default choices. I deleted the app and reloaded and the problem persisted. Very disappointing for a three dollar app. :(

There's a problem

Its not work with iPhone 6s plus , when i open the app its closed immediately

Very promising new weather app!

This is a very promising new weather app! With this app you can see the weather patterns as meteorologists see them...but the app is so designed that you don't need a degree in meteorology to understand what you are seeing. Weather apps have needed this depth to them for a long time. Only two glitches I've seen in the app thus far: tapping on the settings gear crashes the app, and the regional border lines are significantly out of alignment with the geography it covers.

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