Ventusky: Weather Maps App Reviews

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Works! Get this thing.

Use it for helicopter power line patrols so knowing the wind and gusts is great. Also the low cloud filter works great for ground level stuff/fog. Love this thing and use it daily. Get it if you want good graphics at a glance.

Best weather app ever!

No bs just keep checking in ;-)

spectacular app!

hands-down the finest weather app on the app store! very strong recommend!

Am I just missing something?

When I scroll down to see the current weather breakdown, I’m still getting Celsius even though I’ve changed the app to Fahrenheit. Is there a way to fix this?

Don’t understand the time lapse

I’m not sure I find the precipitation accurate or I’m just not understanding the interface.

I teach Oceanography and love it!

During Hurricane season it’s a must have. The kids and I love it. So many weather variables you can see. The app costs about $6.00 on your your phone, but it’s worth every penny. On a computer, it’s free. Thanks

Easy to use.

Some genius designed this app.

Worth 2999.00

This app is amazing. We are in midst of Florence and the data this app gives is so accurate. I don’t pay for a lot of apps but am happy I got this one. Get it for sure!


Fun and full of accurate data

A great app!

Choose this App. Very nice. Accurate. Fairly priced.


No sound. Limited info. Disappointed

Right on

This app is right on for accurate weather forecast.

Pretty solid - Could be improved

To start off, I’ll say that I like the app. I’m a pilot, so having some detailed information about the weather is something I usually keep in my pocket and this app does that well. For US users, it could be improved. For winds aloft, it would be nice to choose statue mph and nautical mph. For US users, it would be nice to have state outlines in the map. As it is, it’s a challenge to get a big picture of weather systems because as you zoom out to see each system, you lose reference to the specific geographic location. Having state outlines would be very helpful. For US users, and this is probably my #1 issue with the app, is having the winds aloft being presented in meters. Changing the unit in the settings does not change the winds aloft in the map. You have to choose 3500 meters if you want to see what the winds are like around 11,500 ft. Very annoying. But it’s a great app and I hope they improve it. I’d like to be able to recommend it to other pilots. 4 stars from me. iPhone X / IOS 11.4.1 / runs well

No hurricane names?

When will we be able to follow the hurricanes like on the website? Not too happy about the price without so many of the animations already in effect on the site.


All great would be even better with a hurricane tracking


I am unable to hear reports, no volume

Best weather

Best way to project and fairly accurate


I live on the water, need to keep informed with all the storms. I like the app. I would give it 5 stars, if the app had the “waves” which tells you how big the waves are. The website has it, I thought the app would have it too. I am disappointed about that.


Great app helps with forecasts for crepes country driving better than any other app I’ve used but could really use a NOW button on the radar screen. Keep up the good work

Only one thing missing for me

This is the most complete, beautiful weather app. I absolutely love it. The only thing that is missing for me is the wave heights on the Great Lakes. As a Michigan resident, wave data is really useful for me.

Best Weather App Hands Down

Totally awesome!!!! Love it!

Best weather app

This is the most accurate weather app I have used. Love how you break it down to winds, clouds, etc.

Need a better map

I like the dynamic weather information and forecast. It would be much more useful if the map is more like google map or any other maps we are used to have

Best weather info

This app show weather in many different ways. This app has been vital for those of us in N CA with the major fires. One can see the direction of the winds, wind gusts, temperatures, and see the weather information in real time. Thank you


One of the best apps for using to produce daily weather.


What is all the hype? This app has potential but it doesn’t have it now. The map is a hodgepodge of thousands of numbers that have virtually no reference to any but one location. There are zero state or country boundaries, practically zero city names. The U.S. has 7 cities identified on the map. If you want to know the data on any other point you are guessing.

Not accurate here.

Out the window it was raining hard...pouring with lightning. The weather map did not have rain within 10 miles. Sorry I bought it.

Great App, Stable and Customizable

I love this app. I like how you can look back on a particular day to show what weather was doing. This app hasnt crashed or locked up

Crying inside

So I ponied up and bought this app. It is raining where I am for the second day in a row and this app shows nothing. Weather bug showed a huge system, Ventusky showed nothing. I love weather and I am a sailor so I thought this would be a decent enough replacement for Storm when after they tooketh away. I am still hopeful though.

2 stars to 3 stars

When I initially wrote this review I got this app because of the detail you can see with it on an hourly time frame. At the time of writing my initial review I rated 2 stars because after an update the 1 hour time frame was not an option anymore. Now the 1 hour time frame is back as an option so I will bump it 3 stars. My reasoning is even though the 1 hour is an option as it moves through each 1 hour time frame on a majority of them the weather doesn’t change at all until every 3rd 1 hour time frame frame. Also because of the developer response I got from my initial 2 star review stating that the 1 hour time frame being removed as an option was not true. I had the app open in front of my very eyes, searched through numerous settings to try to find the 1 hour time frame that was not showing anymore.

For hurricane forecast

This app is invaluable.

Check time zones

Hi, Just downloaded; for US Eastern Daylight time, it correctly shows UTC +4. However, the app icon shows the moon (night) from 6 pm on. Sunset is in fact about 9 pm locally. Thanks!

Crashes when I need it most

Traveling, finally want to use this app. Nope, crashes... why pay for it when they can’t keep it up to date? iOS 11.4

No astronomical data displayed

This is a potentially very good app for weather. Well designed and presented, but—sun and moon data blocks are blank. There is nothing I can discover to get these displays to work. So three star rating until I can get the app to actually work.

Best Weather App

I have been able to locate some Tropical Storms with this app and predict storm intensity in the Midwest. I would like to say, why is this not #1 in Weather Apps. This app is to die for!

Nice interface

I love this app

Great App

It would be nice if there were some better instructions and a legend to help understand all of the features.

It’s awesome

It tells you everything you need to know

Best Wx App

This is the best for sure 👍

Good app for weather movements

Been using for nearly a year. Working outdoors and traveling between locations this app is very good at helping reduce the stress of not knowing what may come

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Bad app! Keeps crashing.

This app keeps crashing every time I open it - iPhone and iPad alike. I delete it, reinstall it, and works only once. It is paid app, so save your money. Not worth it!

Reliable & Handy

I’ve been looking for an easy affordable tool to help me keep track of the in my area, this App has help me tremendously. I live in a windy are of SoCal in the high desert Northeast of LA, my hobbies include flying RC aircraft and it’s indispensable to have reliable information for flight planning and on the field. Thanks for making it available.

May 2018

I have really enjoyed this app up until this month. I was having issues with it crashing. The developer was quick to respond and the solution they offered corrected the issue. I have adjusted my rating accordingly. Thank you.

Great App but...

They need to change the color option so that wind speed background is legible in the darker shades. When the jet stream at 12K meters is displayed in a dark purple, the wind speed numbers are black and practically invisible. I posted this a while back, and they fixed it to show numbers in white on dark background. Great Job!

Florida Hurricanes

This app gives reliable hurricane predictions. Over the years I have noticed that TV predictions are modified to produce fear in populated areas in an effort to raise awareness and preparedness. With Ventusky, you get more accurate predictions. I have lived in Florida 25 years.

Great App!

5/13/18. The developer has corrected the problem. I always loved the app and now I can use it without issues! 12/2/17 update. Going from 4 to 2 stars. The developer hasn’t fixed the disappearing bug I reported. I can only view the map for a few seconds before it disappears. It becomes totally useless at that point. I’ll definitely change my review if this problem gets corrected. ———————- Love the Web app (found it in the UK Mail coverage of the Irma and Maria hurricanes) and I was hooked. The iOS app is a great start. Two problems I have are that: . The app doesn’t remember the prior setting. . The map disappears when I change settings. Apologies if these have already been reported. Thanks and looking forward to more features. Chuck

Crashing(not anymore)

Keeps crashing on iphone x. Not able to use this app for months now. And its a paid app. Fix please. Update: Reinstalled. Fixed the issue. Thank you


It would very helpful for aviators to know cloud ceilings and layer in addition to the percentage of coverage that you already provide.

Love it

Came from “myradar” after that went downhill. Found the website, which is awesome, that led me here.

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